Just One Word Can Describe Smoant Charon TS218

SMOANT often takes the lead in innovation and innovative thoughts within the vaping network. Recently, SMOANT has released a brand new product named-Smoant Charon TS218 with 2.Four inch TFT/CTP that has taken the marketplace by way of the hurricane. Now, allow’s check this new mod.


Measuring 55.5mm x 29.3mm x 85 mm, Smoant Charon TS218 Mod is a small length dual-battery box mod. It is simple for me to hold around or positioned into my pocket. Every corner of this device is delicately straightforward, which gives me a bit of consolation.
Furthermore, this whole mod is covered by large screens, one is a touch display screen to reveal records, and the alternative is battery magnetic cover on Smoant Charon TS218. Honestly speaking, this touch screen is handier than buttons whilst appearing an operation. I can alter facts on screen according to my fashion speedy. I think that this special replicate-favored display has to be desired by means of most ladies as they may put on makeup thru it. Although this touch screen has many benefits, it also disappoints me. Many fingerprints left on the display and are easily visible to the bare eyes. These unsightly seen fingerprints affect look and backbone of the display, which is proved an uncomfortable experience. So I regularly do away with these through some easy papers. Also, It is ready with a 510 connector this is suitable for any tanks with 28mm diameter.

The center pin has been gold-plated for a better electrical conductivity. I use a pen to the touch the spring-loaded pin to locate whether or not it is good or now not. It seems that it is a good one, and is connected with tanks seamlessly.



At its backside, it has sandwich-like air flow holes to assist heat dissipation. This smoant charon ts 218w touch screen mod has a USB port at its one side. I like this characteristic as I can rate the mod immediately without disposing of batteries. The mod has handiest buttons, which simplifies the operating steps dramatically. If you need to adjust facts, you just tap the display. The small square-button is to fasten and release the display screen and the big one at its backside is fire button to begin, close the mod whilst pressing it for five times continuously. If you press the lock button, there may be an icon appearing on the display however it isn’t without problems recognized due to its small size.

Fire button has wheel textures, permitting me to feel at ease while touching it. But one issue annoys me is that I regularly press the button for 5 times, in order to put on away my enthusiasm and staying power. Can I use the mod after urgent the button for one time? As for the 2.4inch TFT/CTP, it may enhance the photograph balance and reduce crosstalk among pixels. So many LED TVs adopt this particularly superior technology. The screen specifically adopts grey, black and white. Furthermore, it meets the subject matter of e-cigarettes.

My mod has a triangle-shaped menu, and I in my view sense that it is easy to operate for all ages thanks to its easy-to-examine and simple menu.

When I input the VW mode, there’s a VW curve (which include five sorts). I can alter the wattage cost whilst choosing VWcurve. But it is a bit pity as it’s far a touch hard for those who have fats arms because the icon is so small that they’re now not capable of adjusting the appropriate facts they need. If you are a fan of cloud-chasing, you could exchange wattage value. If you finish this challenge, you could press the check mark at the proper top of this display screen, and if you want to again to the previous interface, you may press the icon at the left pinnacle.

As for TC MODE, its first mode is material selection, indicating that I can buy numerous coils which might be like-minded with this mod. When you pick out the TC curve, you furthermore might adjust information through the curve. In addition, ADJ-TCR is a superb feature that could ensure the smoothest functioning inside the temperature mode.

The mod offers an outstanding performance in brightness. I turn off the light and modify the brightness cost. As a result, I nevertheless can use this mod inside the darkness. Sometimes this mod may be used for a flashlight. At the pinnacle of the screen, there are two indicators which can present you with the battery stage. And I recognize the battery popularity. In quick, Smoant Charon TS218 is a cut-area mod, and also you deserve this mod.

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Review of Wotofo Stentorian Basilisk 200W VW Box Mod

Externally, built out of specific resin and zinc-alloy frame sewing, the Wotofo Stentorian Basilisk 200W VW Box Mod is so cool and quite stunning as it is designed with oil artwork with many blended hues, which include black and crimson, red and blue, red and yellow in addition to red and blue. This mod has 3 buttons with a clean display screen, which is straightforward to operate the mod and improve your vaping experience. At its pinnacle, this box mod is furnished with spring electrode to satisfy various tanks. The Wotofo FLOW SUBTANK suits into this mod perfectly, and  Wotofo Viper RTA Tank 3.0ml is likewise a good preference. At its backside, it has a Bottom-push type battery compartment to replace batteries readily and efficaciously. Powered with the aid of dual 18650 batteries(not blanketed) and operated through Stentorian Chip, the Wotofo Stentorian Basilisk Box Mod could make unique rebuild modes run well and easy to in shape experienced vapers and beginners. The Wotofo Stentorian Basilisk Box Mod may be fired as low as 5W and as high as maximum 200W and it has a resistance value ranging from 0.1ohm to 3.0ohm consistent with many vapers’s user behavior. The Wotofo FLOW SUBTANK gives various safety structures to keep this mod safe whilst in use, which includes beyond regular time vaping protection, overheat safety for the chip, brief protection.


Main furtures
200W Maximum Output, support double 18650 batteries
Unique resin and zinc-alloy body stitching
Rebuild Mode to meet the needs of beginners and advanced vapors
Three-key user interface for easy operation
Bottom-push type battery compartment for convenient replacement Resistance 0.1-3.0 ohm, to meet the majority of consumers use habits Spring electrode, suitable for a variety of atomizers
Over time vaping protection, overheat protection for the chip, short protection
Size:85mm x 55mm x 26mm
Battery Type:Dual 18650 batteries(not included)
Chip:Stentorian Chip
Power Range:5W – 200W
Resistance Range:0.1ohm – 3.0ohm
Output Voltage:4.2V
Thread:510 Thread
Color:Black & Red, Purple & Yellow, Yellow & Green, Pink & Blue, Red & Blue
Package Included
1 x Wotofo Stentorian Basilisk Box Mod(battery not included)
1 x Manual
Wotofo Stentorian Basilisk 200W VW is a colorful & classical Mod, feel free check out ave40 to order. Get it $ 119.00 at ave40.com. If you are a new member, you can get 20% off by using ‘DEALNB1R’
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Review Of Ijoy Capo 100 Box Mod

IJOY CAPO 100 is an incredible e cigarette prepared with a big length fireplace button and powered via IJOY 21700/18650 Batteries. The Box mod may be fired as high as 100W. It also continues to apply proper GUI displaying wattage, resistance, puff counter and battery stage in addition to Ni mode setting to provide a relaxed revel in.


Review Of Ijoy Capo 100W Box Mod
IJOY CAPO 100W is an amazing e cigarette geared up with a large length fireplace button and powered with the aid of IJOY 21700/18650 Batteries. The Box mod may be fired as high as 100W. It also continues to apply precise GUI displaying wattage, resistance, puff counter and battery stage as well as Ni mode placing to offer a comfy enjoy.

IJOY CAPO a hundred Box mod still adopts a 510 connector that is flawlessly appropriate for 26mm tanks without overhang. IJOY CAPO 100 Box mod has some many plates which could customize your preference and styles. The distinction between this mod and other comparable products is that the battery slot is at the top of this device to install battery without problems.


IJOY 21700 BATTERY is every other new product after IJOY 20700, and it measures 21.4mm (Diameter) x 70.2mm (Length). IJOY 21700 Battery features 40A in the max non-stop discharging modern, 4.23V max fee voltage in addition to 3750mAh usual capability and 3700mAh min ability, along with a long carrier existence.

With a height of 54.5mm and a diameter of 22.5mm, Ijoy Captain Mini Subohm Tank matches perfectly IJOY CAPO a hundred Box mod. Ijoy Captain Mini Subohm Tank functions a slide top cap so as to fill e-juice into the tank without problems.

This tank has been updated to house up to big 3.2ml e-liquid capability. Ijoy Captain Mini Subohm Tank capabilities a gold-plated connector with true conductivity, as well as a thread-much less coil head that may be without problems detached for cleansing. In addition to this, Ijoy Capo is specific with the most creative groove chassis being used to lessen warmness transmission and supply an fun taste.

It is coupled with a Delrin huge bore drip tip. Its glass tube remains made from pyrex with low-thermal-expansion. This product offers 10 finished shades, and you can pick out such a primarily based to your patterns.

•100W Maximum Output with High-charge 21700 battery
•Thread-Less Coil Head Design
•Unique Groove Chassis – Reduce Heat Transmission
•The smoothest airflow and the high-quality taste
•Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
•Big size hearth button

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Colorful & Classical! Vaporesso Tarot Nano 80W

The design for the Vaporesso Tarot Nano might automatically make it more popular than many others. People will certainly appreciate the wonderfully ergonomic construction of the device, which is not a feature that all of them have. This is a device that should fit well in anyone’s hand, giving them the ability to really use it for a while without having to worry about straining their hands or causing any other issues.
The buttons are made entirely out of metal, and that is the sort of thing that a lot of people are going to appreciate. For one thing, the metal buttons will help to make the device easier to use for most people. The metal buttons will help to make the device even more ergonomic than it would be otherwise.
Many people will also love the creative exterior designs and all of the color options that are available with this mod. These mods are really going to stand apart from many of the others that are available today just on the basis of appearance. People will tend to love the fact that they can really make these mods their own, and that’s going to make it easier for them to get what they want from these products.
This is a device that is very small compared to a lot of the other mods on the market. At 69mm by 38mm by 22.4mm, this is definitely a compact creation. For a lot of customers, that will help to make it ideal. Some mods are bigger and smaller than this. Others just have vastly different proportions, giving them a shape that some people might not consider to be the ideal.
It should be big enough to be comfortable to use, but it’s also not going to be too heavy for them in general. A lot of people will find that this is a device that has the dimensions that they want, and they shouldn’t have to make any sacrifices when it comes to the functionality of the device.
This Vaporesso Tarot Nano capacity of almost any mod is partly a function of its size. This is a mod that has a large capacity for its size at 2 ml. For a lot of people, this is big enough for them to meet all of their vaping needs. They shouldn’t have to keep on filling it and refilling it. The capacity is large enough for them to get what they need from the mod.
Some people argue that mods need to have the right capacity in order to give them the flavoring that they want. This might be the case, given the nature of the heating of e-liquid. One way or another, a lot of people are going to find it easier to really get the results that they want with a device like this one. Its capacity is big enough to be convenient, and the larger capacity might be able to give people the results that they want in general.
The maximum power level of this device is relatively low at 80W. However, this is still a relatively high power level by any objective standard, and it should be able to meet the needs of most people who are in the vaping community.
In terms of the power level, the device is also capable of going as low as 5W, so that will certainly make a huge difference for the people who are trying to find a way to use less power. Some people don’t want mods that use a lot of power, making this one a great choice for them in particular.
They might appreciate the fact that this is a device that is not going to use as much battery power as many others. It’s also not going to get as hot as most of them, either. Some people complain about their mod devices becoming too warm. That will not be a problem with the Vaporesso Tarot Nano 80W TC Kit.
The fact that it doesn’t use as much power as some of the other devices that are out there should generally make it much more convenient than many others. People will get a lot out of the Vaporesso Tarot Nano 80W TC Kit.

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Classical design! Limitless Arms Race Box Mod

The Limitless Arms Race Box Mod has a design that makes it look very strong and sturdy. Many people will appreciate a design like this one. They want a mod that looks like it was built to last rather than a mod that looks more like it is a decorative sculptural piece. This is a mod that really looks tough, and a lot of people in the vaping community prefer an aesthetic like that.
Given the nature of the design, it should be easy for people to get a grip on it. It’s solid enough that people will really feel like they have something to grab onto, and that’s something that a lot of customers really want.
The color selection for the Limitless Arms Race device will not be as broad as people will often expect with some of the other devices on the market. However, people should still be able to find a design and set of colors that they want. There is still a design that heavily features black, for one thing, and this will make it popular with a lot of people. There is another one that features blue, which is a similarly popular color in the vaping community. The brown mod should be liked among fans as well, giving most people what they want.
With dimensions measuring 90mm by 55mm by 25mm, this is definitely a much larger mod than many of the others that are on the market today. Some people will find that this is the size that suits them. It’s a mod that will be easier to grip than some of the smaller mods that are on the market today.
At 290 grams, this is definitely a heavier mod than people will find elsewhere. For many people, there’s nothing particularly negative about that. Other people might find that this mod is too heavy and too bulky for them. Arms Race won’t fit as well in some carrying cases as others, and it will certainly add more weight to anyone’s bag.
However, a lot of people don’t really like light mods. They might not think that they’re as comfortable to use. A mod that has more of a sense of heaviness and weight about it won’t be as easy to drop. People might find that it has a much more solid feel, and a lot of people like that. For people who have large enough carrying bags, there’s really nothing to worry about when it comes to this mod and its weight.
With a temperature control range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, this is definitely the sort of device that is going to really deliver. It should get hot enough for almost anyone. A lot of people will find that given the heat of this mod, it should be able to give them a product that they really want. This is a mod that is going to produce results.
The power output wattage also ranges from 5W to 200W, which should be shocking to a lot of people. They might not even be prepared for the fact that they’re going to be able to get results like that. This is a bigger device, and a lot of the bigger mods are going to be more powerful as a matter of course. This is a mod that will give people all the power that they need and then some.
Battery Power
It’s true that the two hi-rate 18650 batteries that people will need in order to power a device like this are not going to be included in the full package. However, that is fairly standard across the industry, and a lot of people aren’t really going to care. They’re just going to be happy that they can get great results with this particular mod.
The batteries for the Limitless Arms Race 200w should last for a long period of time, and that’s one of the most important things about this particular setup. This device uses a lot of power, and so the batteries won’t last as long as they might with a few other devices. However, this is still a device that should not be too taxing when it comes to the batteries or the battery power.

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New FDA Regulation brings Motivation for the Vaping Industry

In the latest development, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA changed its stance favorably on e-cigarettes and vaping merchandise. The corporation wants to convey down the smoking rates within USA. And aim to make the traditional flammable cigarettes much less addictive. It also changed its policies for the vaping enterprise and not on time guidelines that would have delivered an give up to e-cigs.

How does the FDA Rules effect you?

To make the combustible cigarettes much less addictive, the corporation desires to bring down the amount of nicotine this is permissible. In its announcement, the management wrote that nicotine even as being enormously addictive is introduced via way which can be associated with a number dangers. Out of them the combustible cigarettes using smoke particles is the most dangerous. Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner stated that cigarettes were the simplest criminal product which kills extra than half of-of its long-term customers while used as supposed.


The news becomes obviously no longer taken positively by using the cigarette industry and the fee of the shares went crashing down. But the news introduced remedy and desire for the e-cig enterprise which was given extra time to align to the regulations of the FDA.

Last 12 months the management extended its authority over the vaping industry and started a new rule. All vaping products inside the market have to undergo the steeply-priced and lengthy approval procedure like traditional cigarettes. This would have cost most of the products to vanish from the market as they’re manufactured via small corporations and not massive tobacco giants. They have now until 2022 to put up their review and the FDA confirms of relaxing and making the system smooth.

The circulate through FDA comes in the wake of many researchers that have mounted e-cigs and vaping as a secure opportunity to smoking. Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University and the Rutgers School of Public Health carried out a research on day by day e-cig customers and determined 52% of them were able to cease cigarettes within the ultimate 5 years. Compared to that, best 28% of day by day cigarette people who smoke who in no way attempted vaping had been capable of kick their terrible addiction.

The researchers said that it was one of the leading studies on music the sample of quitting cigarettes amongst national e-cig users. Daniel Giovenco, assistant professor at Sociomedical Services at Columbia and the lead author of the observe said that everyday use of vaping merchandise can make a contribution in the direction of quitting cigarettes or stopping the relapse. The take a look at posted in a magazine of Addictive Behaviors also reveals that e-cigs have progressively transformed into an alternative for traditional tobacco products with development in vaporizing era.


Dr. John Spangler, a professor at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Family and Community Medicine says that with extra proof from trial research like this, they would be appropriately capable of suggesting e-cigs to help sufferers end smoking effectively and safely. Another study accomplished with the aid of Royal College of Physicians mounted that vaporizers and e-cigs are 95% less dangerous that flammable cigarettes. And that is the identical group that brought the most cancers warnings of cigarettes for the primary time in the landmark 1964 study.

The USA administration itself determined the superb factors of e-cigs in a study conducted by using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention back in April. It concluded that 33% smokers successfully used e-cigs instead for traditional cigarettes than 25.Four% who depended on nicotine patch or gum.

While releasing the new regulations, Commissioner Scott Gottlieb stated that they desired to create a world where cigarettes might no longer be capable of generating dependancy and adults who want their dose of nicotine could have safer and much less harmful sources to derive it. That is the nearest FDA comes to speak in vapor of e-cig and vaping products. It gets help from another remark from FDA which states that they have been adjusting their regulations to encourage the improvement of progressive and less harmful tobacco products to update traditional cigarettes.

The adoption of e-cig and vaping answers has been increasing everywhere in the world. Many smokers are the use of the goods for cessation in their smoking habits. The smoking and tobacco use in the USA is already at its historical lows and most effective 15% of adults smoke. On the other hand, using e-cigs has long gone up extensively. In 2014, round nine million adults used vaping products which amounted to three.7% of the populace, in keeping with a report via Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The situation is also on the equal line elsewhere in the global. In the UK, simplest 17.2% are conventional cigarette smokers in comparison to the growing four% e-cig users. The 2.3 million UK citizens who use e-cigs often do it for its less dangerous consequences or to quit smoking.


The awareness about the actual fitness consequences of vaping merchandise are being highlighted through the numerous research and those are beginning to realize the effectiveness of e-cigs in quitting the butt. But the big tobacco groups, policy makers and politicians have started a conflict on vaping making fake claims approximately its risk. But truth can not be hidden for lengthy as greater studies is being performed on vaping and its results. In a few years there can be a robust foundation to safely advocate vaping merchandise for quitting smoking and as a safe alternative of traditional cigarette nicotine.

This has been recognized by means of the FDA which brought on the alternate in guidelines and rest for the e-cig enterprise. The company additionally has plans to have interaction in an open public communicate for discussing the suggestion of decreasing nicotine content material in conventional cigarettes.

The reducing of nicotine will virtually reason financial loss to the tobacco organizations as the numbers of people who smoke is predicted to reduce. Those who retain smoking will also do it less often as they will now not get the preferred satisfaction, commented Neil Wilson, senior market analyst at London’s ETX Capital.

What comes as a negative for the conventional cigarette industry is popping to be a boon for its vaping counterpart. After all, smokers will need to enjoy their nicotine if they could do it without getting cancer!

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Will Ijoy captain pd270 catch your heart?

Will Ijoy captain pd270 catch your heart?

Are you trying to find the high-quality box mod? The PD270 234W Box is one emblem that you ought to consider. It comes with a person-friendly interface, premium design and offers you with the high-quality power output overall performance. This Ijoy Captain Pd270 evaluation seems at its capabilities in element, their pros, and cons and subsequently delivers its verdict.
Features and Benefits
• 234W Maximum Power Output
You need a field mod that guarantees you enjoy longer vaping moments, which this device provides. It offers you a maximum power output of 234W, because of this that you may enjoy vaping properly.
• Portable and Compact
The Ijoy captain pd270 field mod ensures that you feel secure while maintaining it. It is available in a leather-like cloth, and its shape guarantees that it fits your hands properly. Bear in thoughts that it measures, 48mm extensive, 32mm thick and 89mm excessive, which is a size that suits your palms perfectly.
• 20700 Battery Box Mod (Include Battery)
Remember that the IJOY Captain Box mod’s battery compartment is designed to maintain 20700 batteries, which means that it’s the primary of its type. However, you get to gain extra, on the grounds that this box mod consists of a 18650 battery adapter in its bundle.
• Bright Screen
On the Ijoy captain pd270 box mod’s front aspect; there’s a massive vivid display screen that offers you with targeted information on your vaping repute. It includes your cutting-edge voltage, amperage, wattage, resistance, how long a puff takes and the closing strength of the 2 batteries and the mode.
• 18 Different Color Skins and 3 Body Colors
This vaping device gives you with the choice of selecting your favorite field mod colour. That’s as it comes with three special frame colours and 18 distinctive color skins. The end result is which you get the fine value in your cash.
• 30mm Tanks (No Overhang)
The Ijoy captain pd270 container ensures which you experience easy vaping experiences. The motive is that it comes with a 30mm tank, which prevents overhang troubles.
When it involves vaping, the use of the 18650 battery guarantees which you experience longer vaping hours. The Ijoy captain pd270 can use the 18650 battery, which you healthy the usage of an adapter.
• The IJOY Captain PD270 234W Box is compact and lightweight, that means that you could convey it while at the cross
• Battery compartment is designed to maintain DUAL 20700 batteries, and 18650 batteries, that you healthy with an adapter
• The huge and brilliant screen guarantees that you display your vaping reputation
• You have the choice of choosing your favored coloration
• This container mod has no overhang problems as a result of its 30mm tank
• It offers you with a most energy output of 234W, that means which you experience the best vaping reports
• The 18 specific color skins ensure which you get your preferred preference

The IJOY Captain PD270 is one logo that’s famous within the marketplace. It ensures that your vaping desires are satisfied, this means that that you need to keep in mind buying it. It manual offers you with distinctive instructions, meaning that you will set it up rapid.

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Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Reviews

Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 reviews

As the latest 300W Max Output box mod from the Reuleaux line up, the Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 comes in a compact design making it lighter and more ergonomic than its predecessors. Unlike its predecessors, the Reuleaux RX GEN3 is engineered with a large 1.3 inch OLED screen. Its purpose is simple – to display vital data and information pertaining to the device. This helps to ensure that the user is well informed about the current working conditions of the Reuleaux RX GEN3.

Wismec has gone ahead and installed a brand new interface thus improving interactivity. When it comes to power output, the new Reuleaux RX GEN3 is more powerful than its predecessors with a maximum output of 300 W. What you ought to know is that the above features and more are packaged in an expertly designed setup with a refreshing look.


Want to learn more about Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 features which make it a wonderful product? Read on!

Product Features
New WM coils
As a third generation device, the Reuleaux box mod is engineered with new WM coils. It has a 0.2 ohm WM03 triple head with a range of 40 to 130 W. The technology used in fabricating the coils ensures that minimal power is consumed. Unlike the previous devices, the new Reuleaux box mod generates a lot of vapor. All this is attributed to the new WM coils.

The WM coils are powered by replaceable 18650 cells which in turn heat the e-liquid thus generating more vapor. Not only does this enhance a user’s experience but it ensures the efficient use of the e-liquid. Although Wismec has not provided any details regarding the materials used in the construction of WM coils, research shows that the best metals that ensure larger vapor production and efficient power consumption are Nickel, Titanium and Stainless steel. Furthermore, the materials used assure you of long term service unlike inferior box mods engineered with poor quality materials that provide you with poor service.

Wismec vaulted chipset
At the heart of the Reuleaux RX GEN3 is Wismec vaulted chipset designed to control different functions of the device while providing the best service to the user. For starters, the chipset is built with high quality materials. This ensures that it’s able to communicate instructions between components. Secondly, Wismec has improved its design and ensured that the chipset is upgradable. How? By allowing the installation of firmware upgrades thus the user is able to take advantage of new features. For example improved output which in turn ensures more vapor.


Installation of new updates is quite easy. You can do so by connecting your Reuleaux RX GEN3 to a PC or laptop using a USB cable. Once you have done so, download the new updates for your device from the manufacturer’s website. Instructions are easy to follow. If you need help, contact support.

1.3 inch OLED screen
OLED or organic light emitting diodes is a new technology composed of flat light emitting technology engineered through the placement of an organic film covering two conductors. Here is how the technology works. Once the device is connected to a power source, electric current passes through the two conductors. This results in a bright light being emitted by the organic film. Today, OLED is widely used in consumer electronics due to its ability of consuming less power compared to others. Furthermore, it emits a brighter light than LCD displays.

The Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 is fitted with a 1.3 inch OLED screen. Not only does the OLED screen display data and information in a well organized manner but it has improved the way users interact with the device. Furthermore, it’s brighter making it easy to use the Reuleaux RX GEN3 even in poor lighting conditions. Information displayed includes temperature, power and current.

Dual circuit protection and replaceable batteries
To ensure that your Reuleaux RX GEN3 continues to provide long term service to you, Wismec has added two amazing features: – dual circuit protection and reverse polarity protection. The dual protection feature helps to ensure that the device is reliable and safe to use while the reverse polarity protection is implemented via an anti reverse circuit that enhances protection for the batteries.

This unit is powered by triple 18650 cells with the capability of generating an output of 300 W. As a result, the unit has the capability of generating more vapor than its predecessors.

Detachable structure and two drip tips
The Reuleaux box mod is an amazing product. Thanks to improved technology, it now features a detachable structure. Not only does this ensure easy cleaning but the unit can be detached and reassembled. It is composed of the following parts: – mouthpiece, top cap component, glass tube, atomizer head and base.
Two drip tips are also available with the device. One is short while the other is long. Both are designed to enhance the vaping experience for the user.

a. The Reuleaux box mod is compact, lighter and ergonomic
b. Features the new WM coils with the capability of generating more vapor
c. Comes with the balance charge system that helps to make charging safer
d. Has a retractable top filling solution
e. It’s designed with a flip-open battery cover that allows easier replacement of batteries.

a. Users have to contend with the extra expense of purchasing batteries
b. The power button is small and it’s located above the OLED screen.
Final Thoughts
The Reuleaux box mod is smaller, lighter and more ergonomic. It features a 1.3 inch OLED screen, vaulted chipset, the all new WM coils and its available in different colors namely – black, red, brown, grey and green.
Bottom line.
I highly recommend the Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 to shoppers.


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