Puff Avatar RS 75W DNA TC Mod Review

Puff Avatar RS 75W DNA TC Mod Review

Looking for a well designed mod kit that you could use over the longer run? While most mod kits offer what you would need from a basic model, there are a few that does bit more than that – the avatar rs 75w is one of them.

For chic vapors, the Italian-designed box mod, equipped with Evolv’s popular DNA chipset that you can upgrade any time, will be an excellent choice. The design is a fusion of fashion and mechanical, this new innovation with an attractive design is definitely a must buy, it gives a relatively heavy feeling, metallic sense.


You would love the LED light – people around you could see it from three different sides. It adopts zinc alloy material, with a layer of frigid glass powder paint on the surface, which is polished. The shape of  Avatar RS DNA 75w mod is rectangular. The screen and buttons are on the fourth side.

The fire button is located on the upper side of the screen while below the screen there are the USB port and the color changing button. It’s also got one of the biggest diameters that you would see – at 22 mm, a reason you could use the atomizer on it anytime.

About the Design

So, what should you expect with the Puff Avatar?

The battery compartment is at the bottom; the battery cover is knob type spring cathode which you can easily open with a key. However, there is only one 18650 battery inside – though a good one at that. Inside, there are four grooves which can avoid the atomizer locking and liquid flowing and several venting holes are there in the outside part. Once the battery is installed into the compartment, the screen will turn on and show voltage, resistance, ampere and remaining battery capacity. It is good-sized and well-sited in the center for display.

To regulate the wattage, there are adjustment buttons on either side and to vape on, you have to press the knurled fire button on the screen. You can charge the mod with a USB cable. The mod’s biggest feature is the colorful LED backlight, inside the mod next to the DNA75 circuit board, there is a blue LED lamp driver chip.

The color changing button is located below the USB port; it allows you to change the color of the LED light in all the seven different colors that you would see in a rainbow. It adopts gold-plated spring loaded 510 connectors and can give you a good wattage output of 75w. It is considered as a top class in performance and style with features beyond measure.


What did we love?

The box-shaped DNA chipset mod comes with different LED colors, and has a single long lasting 18650 battery. It’s one of the best mod kits that you would find today and deserves a good rating.

Features & Specifications:

Works with a single 18650 battery – and does a good job at it. In fact, it could pull through many hours and for a smoker who doesn’t smoke as much, could easily last a day.

Add to it the fact that it has the official Evolv DNA 75 chipset, and you know that you won’t have to worry about its reliability.

The output range is good too – at around 1W – 75W, giving you the smoke filled experience you so love.

What we did love the most about is was that this TC Mod offered a consistent 30A maximum output.

And since the firmware is upgradable, you won’t have to worry about buying a new one soon.

Just like many other mod kits that we see today, it is also compatible with Escribe and has full temperature control capability. Here is a look at some of the finer details about this Mod Kit.


Battery Support: 1 x 18650

– LED Color: 7 different colours, from Yellow to Red

Thread: 510 Thread

– Temperature Range: 93°C – 315°C

The Top Things That You Would Love About This Mod Kit?

Can configure the device by applying changes to the chipset

Comes with an authenticity check code

Should You Go For It?

Definitely, this device is loaded with features and technology with no comparison; the changeable LED lights make it unique and visually appealing. In the vaping world, this product from Puff has one of the best designs, making it a mod kit that you would love to buy.

This avatar rs 75w is the exclusive item of ave40. if you like it welcome to check out ave40 for detail.

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Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking? There has been fierce debate currently overthe deserves ofvapingand its capability for asmoker to kick their nicotine dependancy. Central to the success of quitting smoking in our view is via following these three pointers and strategies, which make use ofvaping. Select the Right Vaping Product This is less difficult said than accomplished. There are somany one of a kind vaping products in the marketplace in the mean time, each claiming to bebetter than the opposition, it is able to be tough to slender in and pick the bestone on your wishes. We would advocate a vaping product that produces largeplumes of vapor, with a view to “trick your thoughts” into thinking your smoking. You’dbe amazed how effective this method is. Maintain Current Nicotine Levels to Begin With When you’re quitting smoking, it isimportant to regularly lessen your nicotine stages over the years. If you pass “coldturkey”, research has shown you are less in all likelihood to discover fulfillment. To preventthis, we’d recommend beginning out with the very best levels of nicotine whenyou vape, then lessen the extent of nicotine to regularly reduce your dependancy.


It is crucial that whilst you are kicking your addiction that you are meeting yournicotine needs, and in so doing reduce your temptation to return to cigarettes.Maybe after 2 weeks, you may then think about the use of an e-liquid with lowerconcentrations of nicotine. The Journey Towards Zero Nicotine E-Liquid Of direction, this requires will power, however ifyou gradually lessen your nicotine concentrations over time, there may be no reasonwhy you may’t emerge as the use of zero nicotine e-liquid. These e-liquids are first-rate,given that they provide you with the enjoy of smoking with awesome flavorswithout the nicotine and different chemical compounds that cigarettes comprise. Do you’ve got any recommendations for quitting smoking?Let us know!


Review of Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 200W TC Kit

Review of Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 200W TC Kit

Wismec, as a renowned and celebrated brand call within the vaping industry, they’re distinctly-appeared for having synthetic a extensive range of effective and progressive gadgets, all of which have been wildly popular. One of their many coveted merchandise is for sure their mythical Reuleaux line of remarkable MODs. Each and every device inside the collection is outstandingly effective, relatively revolutionary, and exceedingly consumer-pleasant. It is those traits that have earned the Reuleaux collection some of stellar critiques and prestigious awards.
It is, consequently, with notable satisfaction to introduce the ultra-modern, within this illustrious line— Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 200W TC Kit. A flawless marriage among the Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 TC Mod and the sensational GNOME Tank, this kit is not anything quick of surprising.

Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 200W TC Kit Intro

The Reuleaux RX2 20700 with GNOME package is an upgraded version of Reuleaux RX collection kit. The Reuleaux RX2 20700 mod has a comparable appearance with other Reuleaux collection mod. The compact size will offer a very good hand feeling. It is powered by means of twin 20700 cells or 18650 cells, the max output strength can be fired up to 200W. The large display display will display the parameters definitely. The GNOME atomizer is well matched with effective WM coils and offers most efficient taste and huge vapor. The pinnacle filling design makes fill up less complicated. It can maintain 2ml or 4ml liquid.
Retail Price: US $ 56.00
Colors: Green, Black, Brown


Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 200W TC Kit Specs and Features

200W Maximum Output with Dual 20700/18650 Cells
Innovative Push-pull Design for Convenient Exchange
1.3inch Large Display with Separate Battery Bars
2A Max Charging Current for Quick Charge
Dual Circuit Protection and Reverse Polarity Protection
Battery Balance Charge System
Powerful WM Coils for Huge Vapor and Optimal Flavor
Offering Two Versions of E-liquid Capacity and Two Drip Tips
Retractable Top Filling Solution
Convenient Bottom Airflow Control
Upgradeable Firmware with Timeout Settings
Detachable Structure for Easy Cleaning
Brand Wismec
Size 43.2 x 35.2 x 81.7mm
Battery Type Dual High-rate 20700 Batteries, Dual High-rate 18650 Batteries with the help of battery sleeve (discharging current should be above 25A)
Screen 1.3-inch OLED Screen
Output Wattage 1 – 200W
Temp Range 200℉- 600℉/ 100℃- 315℃
Resistance TC Mode: 0.05ohm – 1.5ohm
VW Mode: 0.1ohm – 3.5ohm
Max Charging Current 2A
Max Output Current 50A
Voltage Range 0.5V – 9.0V
Output Mode VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR
Thread 510 Spring Loaded Connector
Color Black, Brown, Green
Brand Wismec
Size D: 25mm x H: 45mm
Capacity 2ml/4ml
Thread Type 510 thread
Coil WM02 Dual 0.15ohm Head/WM03 Triple 0.2ohm Head
★Package Included
1 x Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 Mod(Batteries not included)
1 x Wismec GNOME Tank
1 x WM02 Dual 0.15ohm Head
1 x WM03 Triple 0.2ohm Head
1 x QC USB Cable
2 x Warning Cards
2 x Manuals
1 x Spare Part
Users Experience


Wismec GNOME Sub Ohm Tank feature 2ml e-juice capability and is derived with all-new WM coils for huge vapor and greatest flavor. Perfect in shape for Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 TC Mod. The drip tip is made from resin, that is unequivocally long lasting, strong, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant. As such, the tank might be capable of endure the pains of day by day use. What’s more, it’s far safe for vapers due to its thermal insulation.
Wismec GNOME Sub Ohm Tank’s e-juice basin is fabricated with top-shelf Pyrex (borosilicate) glass. The use of glass rather than plastic is a critical distinction and one that gives for a extensively greater fun vaping revel in. Since all e-juices encompass a sure stage of acidity, plastic tanks are extraordinarily vulnerable to erosion as a end result. This ends in a tarnished aesthetic look, while also compromising the taste of the e-liquid as nicely. Glass, however, is totally unaffected by the acidic environment, and is, therefore, capable of producing markedly cleaner, purer, and greater flavorful hits. Glass may also remain unblemished, bearing in mind it to hold searching visually appealing for extended durations of time.

Wismec without difficulty designed the Tank with a remarkable retractable filling device. As against most of the people of tanks, which require you to separate it from the battery, unscrew the base, upload liquid, then reattach all of the diverse additives, the GNOME Sub Ohm Tank can be effortlessly crammed from the pinnacle by means of genuinely push the threaded cap. In doing so, refills are unequivocally fast and mess-free with the GNOME Sub Ohm Tank.

The base of the GNOME Sub Ohm Tank features Wismec’s proprietary Stealth-Adjustable Airflow Control Valve. This high-quality component lets in you to exactly modify the quantity of air that is drawn into the tank whilst taking a drag. In doing so, you may be afforded the potential to customize the airiness of your hit, primarily based on your private preferences. Moreover, the capability to fine-song the tank’s air consumption may be very superb, because it in reality removes the opportunity of flooding or gurgling, which is mainly handy while switching between e-juices with varying tiers of vegetable glycerin (VG) content.


In accordance with all the Reuleaux MODs, and indeed with all of Wismec’s gadgets, the RX2 MOD is fabricated the usage of the very greatest available substances. The body and body of this masterpiece are constructed with top class zinc-aluminum alloy, collectively imparting for a steel that is beautifully sturdy, resilient, stable, and corrosion-resistant. As such, your Reuleaux RX2 20700 TC Mod may be able to maintaining the pains of heavy daily use with out faltering. At the pinnacle of the device rests the 510 thread connector, which includes a spring-loaded, self-adjusting contact pin, thereby ensuring a comfy connection between the GNOME Sub Ohm Tank and any tank used at the side of it. The pin is made with the same 304-grade stainless-steel as the body but is then gold-plated to provide advanced electric conductivity.

Reuleaux RX2 20700 TC Mod is available in black, brown, and pink coloration variations, this gem is remarkably fashionable and attractive. Compact and lightweight, its trapezoid shape is more suitable via the best curves and fashionable chambers. The front of the tool features the superb OLED screen. All round, this MOD is aesthetically lovely and is sure to complement any tank that it is used with.
Internally, it is geared up with a modern-day and magnificently effective chip, that’s able to a huge range of amazing functions. One of the key capabilities of the device is its adjustable wattage potential. By utilising the operation buttons without difficulty placed on the lowest of the display screen, you can fine-song the output wattage from not less than 1W to a most of 200W, in 0.1W increments. This large breadth of to be had strength affords you the potential to pair your Reuleaux RX2 20700 TC Mod with genuinely any tank and atomizer coil you wish, making it relatively versatile.

In addition to its variable wattage capability, the Wismec Reuleaux RX2 MOD additionally features temperature manipulate. When used together with an atomizer coil that is furnished with stainless steel, titanium, or nickel wire, it allows you to alter and set the temperature of the atomizer coil itself. In doing so, you’ll be afforded the capacity to alter the temperature of the produced vapor, imparting for cooler or hotter hits based totally for your non-public alternatives. Additionally, the capability to personalize the coil’s temperature also enables cast off the propensity for dry or burnt hits.
The Wismec RX2 MOD features a contemporary OLED display screen, which is quite simply positioned at the face of the device. By urgent both the hearth button or the operation buttons to prompt the display, this stunning component genuinely and vividly shows a huge array of crucial records. You will capable of view the resistance of the atomizer coil, the wattage placing, the output voltage, the amps, the mode that the mod is in, the duration of your puff, and any mistakes messages which can transpire while the device is getting used. These key facts factors added digitally in your fingertips makes running your Reuleaux RX2 20700 TC Mod remarkably handy.
Powered by 20700 battery this large capacity will assist ensure that the tool will ultimate you via the direction of the day prior to needing a recharge. However, as soon as the battery has been depleted, charging it is extraordinarily easy. Simply join the tool to any wall outlet, computer, electricity financial institution, or other devices this is ready with a USB port and able to charging. You can also buy a USB automobile adapter, that allows you to allow you to charge your Reuleaux RX2 inside the car, which is specially useful at the same time as on long drives and street trips.

If you’re on the hunt for a compact and lightweight, yet effective and current setup, the Reuleaux RX2 20700 with GNOME kit is simply a superb choice. The masterful becoming a member of of the Reuleaux RX MOD and Tank, this setup is clearly one of the maximum thrilling releases the vaping network has visible thus far.

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Limitless Box Mod New Color 200W Review

Limitless Box Mod New Color 200W Review

The Limitless Box Mod (200W) is one product that lives up to the Limitless brand’s popularity of producing objects that you could effortlessly personalize the usage of well suited components. One characteristic that makes this mod to stand out from the relaxation is its 5 irreplaceable plates that come in varying subject matters and colours. In this distinct evaluation, we observe the features of this mod and their blessings.

Features and Benefits
3 Output Settings (Selectable)
One superb characteristic of the endless container mod is its three selectable output settings, meaning that you could pick out among the standard, tender and strength alternatives to growth your vaping strength. For instance, the tender placing offers you a danger to slowly raise your power temp or degree. The general configuration produces a trendy speed of the LMC 200W mod whilst the electricity alternative offers you a quick and sturdy increase consistent with your favored temp or strength.
This lmc field mod comes with a spring loaded thread (510) which is the suitable choice for lots 25mm atomizers. Among the great atomizers that you can use with this mod include the LIMITLESS GOLD RDTA TANK and LIMITLESS RDTA PLUS, which make certain that you get the first-class vaping moments.

Interchangeable Magnetic Plates at the Back and Front
Another purpose that need to you purchase this mod is that it comes with LIMITLESS BOX MOD PLATES on each facet of the mod’s frame. The primary function of this selection is to shield the double 18650 battery device that comes with this mod.

Safety Protection
As an skilled vaper, you want a tool that comes with safety functions, making sure which you enjoy a safe vaping experience. This infinite vape mod comes with an attractive plastic body that’s square fashioned. It continues all your components secure and close, this means that that you may carry it whilst at the move or in social entertainment joints. However, remember that this vape mod’s goal market is the professional vaper, which means that you want to have revel in in professional vaping.
Mirrored Screen That Provides the Perfect 200W TC Display
The infinite vape mod offers you a mirrored OLED display, that’s based aside of this mod. The entire device is included through the replicate display screen, ensuring that your device lasts longer. The display screen permits you to monitor your vaping popularity.

• The infinite lmc container mod presents you with 3 firing mods, because of this that you enjoy the perfect countless hit.

• It comes with interchangeable plates (magnetic) on its back and front, which ensures that the battery machine is covered from external damage.

• Its mirrored screen gives you an excellent 200W TC display.

• The countless box mod includes numerous protection features that encompass resistance safety and inner temperature manage, the result being a safe vaping enjoy.

The infinite lmc box mod is one device that offers you with several exquisite functions, which guarantees which you revel in your vaping moments. However, understand that this mod is designed to be used by skilled vapers, which means that you want to do not forget your vaping enjoy when deciding on this mod.

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The Best Alternative to Cigarette – E Cigarette

The Best Alternative to Cigarette - E Cigarette

Traditional smoking has over the years proved to be extraordinarily harmful to an extent of causing killer sicknesses such as cancer and cardiac arrests. An e cigarette has come to the market with the innovation premised on reducing those outcomes, with different terrific advantages that make the tool a desire for smokers.

Hearing of a cigar that runs on batteries might be too tough to accept as true with for any smoker but is one of the notable advantages of this modern tool. One does now not want to hold alongside lighters as these rechargeable batteries are there to ensure smoking does not end up a grueling enjoy. The sturdiness of these batteries additionally guarantees there are much less environmental pollutants via less waste, not forgetting the time one is spared, that of speeding to the shops now and then.
Smoking emissions are non existent and all one sees is a light that glows while one is taking a gasp. The danger of a fire breaking out is consequently minimized if the cigar takes place to fall in an inflammable place. The wonderful reality approximately it’s miles that vapor replaces the standard smoke discovered in conventional cigarettes and that this vapor disappears into the skinny air. The dangers that come together with 2nd hand smoking are hence minimized quite notably, understanding that this type of smoking has been known to be extra detrimental to the affected man or woman than to the smoker. Socializing and mingling with people even as the use of the device is thus made possible and comfortable.


The use of resources is substantially decreased with the use of this exceptional device. This is because of the first-rate reality that one cartridge of the cigar can close for a time equal to 2 packets of traditional cigars. The innovation behind this product ensures that there’s less emission of waste as well as that one saves drastically, whilst on the same time ensuring personal space is not affected.
The acrid odor associated with other form of smoking does now not exist with the usage of this new wave of cigars since the vapor released speedy dissolves into the ecosystem. This ensures that the air in the environment stay as clean as possible even after one is through with smoking.
A boom in the taxation of tobacco does now not have an effect on the rate of the device since the cartridges used aren’t subjected to such increments. This approach that e-cigarettes can lessen the fee of smoking through a half of or even extra. It can also paintings nicely for the ones inside the system of smoking cessation
The recognized patches and quit smoking medicines have proved to be just as highly-priced as cigarettes, as a result making them not a very good alternative. The use of this smart desire, however, reduces spending on cigarettes at a totally excessive charge and may be used in an effective manner for quitting smoking. It also helps one avoid the known harmful results of smoking.

Many social locations are regarded to block smokers from gaining access to and enjoying services therein, but an e-cigarette brings a big gain to the users in that they’re regarded as nonsmokers and might get admission to such facilities and socialize without the concern of government. This also applies to regions including apartment residences and other facilities where people who smoke have it difficult. Regarding environmental conservation, e-cigarettes have proved to be an fantastic step forward for nicotine discount inside the environment now and also within the future.


How to buy Electronic Cigarettes Online:
When ordering e-cigarettes on line, one component to do not forget is the roster of merchandise provided. People should buy electronic cigarettes in all net vendors that cater to such desires, however you must additionally remember of different wishes which include e-liquid and other accessories. Those who’ve used e-cigarettes comprehend that they should always purchase e-liquid to preserve taking part in digital cigarette vaping. Some online outlets in which human beings can buy electronic cigarettes do not have as healthy a supply of e-liquid as others, so locating the shop that offers massive numbers in inventory displays that they may be exact, regular suppliers.
It’s additionally wise to test for consumer comments concerning the provider they offer. The important aspect of carrier regarding online shops is the speed of transport. Ensure that your e-cigarette and e-liquid supplier guarantees their deliveries and gives a few shape of reimbursement to make up for much less than best products. Companies that would love to chance extra merchandise or return money are assured in what they are able to provide and need to be examined.
Understand that you can pick out a unique dealer at any time, so sense loose to attempt out one of a kind online shops to buy electronic cigarettes from. Finding the first-class online store, in reality, can offer you infinite hours of vaping entertainment. By using the proper digital cigarette products, you can cease smoking much extra fast.
Famous e-cigarettes online shop.
Among the best e-cigarette online stores is https://www.ave40.com/. The following are other online e-cigarettes stores you may also consider:
1. https://www.electrictobacconist.com/.
2. https://www.vapordna.com/.
3. https://www.vaporworld.biz/
4. http://www.vaporbeast.com/.
5. https://www.rockbottomvapes.com/.

This form of cigarette is notably concentrated with nicotine, and also you ought to most effective use one or droplets which is identical to one cigarette. A cartridge is an equal to a packet of cigarettes; which means that a complete bottle of nicotine may be very harmful to your body; it is probably lethal or very toxic. Ensure which you preserve the liquid away from children because it has a dangerous effect on them.
The biggest investment you have to make when beginning with E-cigarette is the E-cigarette starter kit. When you’ve got a take a look at most e-cigarette critiques, they will give attention to the contents of these kits. If you are reading a very good E-cigarette review, you will locate all the information you want to make an informed decision.

Modern with Retro Racing Style – REV MODS

Modern with Retro Racing Style - REV MODS

When checking it out all vape gears released in 2017, it struck me that the racing-themed vape gadgets won’t get as plenty interest as they deserve when as compared to different sports-themed mods. Often times, while an e-cig organization releases a “car” mod, the tie among e-cig mods and motors can be quite tenuous, or it’s just for an unmarried model. With the folks over at REV Mods, but, motors are sincerely a way of existence, and it informs each mods they produce. Their racing-inspired e-cig products have usually been both a tremendous deal and remarkable searching.

However, cool and unconventional aren’t the words to explain those REV mods. Instead, try phrases like brash, bold, and outrageous. With that said, if you want surprisingly excessive-performance vape mods with a number of pleasant little nods to the world of Formula 1 and different global-magnificence cutting-edge racing culture, those three new restrained editions coming this month – the GTS Mod, the NITRO Mod, and the SPORT Mod, are appropriate places to look.


Yes, REV is again at it once more with a new version of its 2d-technology TC field mods. These 3 feature aesthetic elements supposed to rouse the high-tech and thrilling world of supercars racing, so in case you recollect yourself both a petrol head and a fanatical vaper, read on to find out more.

When it comes to fashionable car-themed vape mods, it’s hard to beat Rev Mods in phrases of style, though, and pleasing makes use of coloration. Despite the excessive bar I might attribute to lots of their designs, Rev Mod’s contemporary series for this year is not anything quick of lovely.

A titanium and metallic study within the aesthetics from the ones flame-spitting machines like Audi, Ferrari, and Lancia. Combining the bloodless precision with eye-catching colorations, these three cutting-edge models, the GTS Mod, NITRO Mod, and SPORT Mod, pay homage to automobile racing of the 60’s and 70’s.

So, how is this vibe carried on by means of the Rev packing containers – beyond the honest reference of their names? Exposed under an as an alternative precise searching, raised sapphire crystal that has a clean angled edge strolling round it periphery. The HD display is wherein matters get without a doubt thrilling. Modeled after speedometers discovered in race cars, the display screen show come in four colorways, which includes pink, inexperienced, white, and yellow. The speedometer design is easy with a recessed location for the voltage scale and timescale.

The speedometer on REV GTS has a dial of full Arabic numerals and accented in seven customizable colorings. I individually love the inexperienced placing cause the mix of inexperienced, white and crimson strike a cord in me of the flag of Italy, that’s apt given that Italy is home to supercar makers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Pagani. In reality, not like the NITRO Mod and SPORT Mod that has mere tips of black and white, the GTS is less shy with the hue imparting a bolder look that many want with a game mod.


As for the REV NITRO, its brief, curved frame is glaringly inspired by means of the gauges and device clusters of some of the automobiles from this era, replete with a unified however ambitious use of color. There are ten colors options so one can select from – White, Gray, Black, Red, Green Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Orange. The white model specifically strikes a chord in my memory of the gauges from a Lancia Delta and, as all the fashions have a white-tipped scale on the “speedometer”, the white version is the most uniform in its use of coloration.

My least preferred in this series is the REV SPORT container mod. It has a really elegant searching, but I feel as though it cannot decide whether or not it wants to be a racing style or a casual every day field mod. With the other two, REV is going complete throttle racing design, and with remarkable results. Then once more, a few humans might not be totally into the automobile racing layout, so to mix a fun racing topic with a cultured fashion that one may want to viable use on each day basis.

I consider that the quickest vehicles and the satisfactory vape gears cross hand in hand, and there is genuinely a few proof to assist that. After all, a pricey 200mph supercar has positive things in common with these excessive-cease vape mods. I am referring, of direction, to features like excessive power output, functional running modes, and smart TC/VW chipset.


Measuring 94mm by 55mm with the aid of 32mm, REV GTS is molded to fit your arms, even for human beings with smaller arms. It functions a smart TC/VW chipset for an extreme vape hit. After all, you want a particular temperature adjustment for higher taste delight, and possibilities are you furthermore may want a first-rate DL Cloudage play. REV GTS runs as high as 230 watts, powered by twin 18650 batteries. It helps both TC mode and VW mode. The TC variety is from 100 º Celsius to 315 º Celsius. The complete temperature manipulate includes coil homes of Ni200 nickel, titanium and stainless-steel materials. There are 6 reminiscence slots reserved for storing your favorite settings and the well-matched resistances is as little as 0.08 Ohms.

Following a pretty famous and properly-loved brother, REV NITRO isn’t trying to repair anything that ain’t damaged. However, a very precise characteristic within the NITRO is an “accelerator” button. Just as the name imply, the mod selections up “pace” with a hint of the accelerator at the same time as vaping. This may not be vital however it does upload an exciting man or woman to the piece and allows the racing motif to seem extra thrilling.

For starters, the REV SPORT runs a most 101W electricity output and powered by means of a massive 4200mAh built-in battery. This container mod also combines some should-haves with other forward-looking technology that vapers and other fanatics will appreciate together with the Power Mode, Voltage Mode for NI200, SS, TI coil builds, TCR Mode with six memory slots, Bypass Mode and Preheat.


Delivered in a numbered super cardboard container, the prices $seventy nine USD with pre-ordering now available, and transport expected with the aid of the end of November. There are not any many ways about this REV collection, I love the racing theme. Carrying a playful retro fashion to them, this collection field could be a really perfect healthy for any automobile racing fan.

Also, don’t forget light-weight creation, the simplicity of installation, the legible vaping hits, and the mixture of case metals that make sure trendy sturdiness. Ultimately, you’re going to pick out the REV vape mods because you want a dependable mid-variety field mod above all else, and those boxes is actually one of the most compelling alternatives you’ll find.

How do YOU feel about the Nitro 200W box mod, or Rev-Tech’s products in wellknown so far?

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The most important part of any device like this is the power, and this is a mod that does very well in that way. The maximum power output is 100W. This is not the highest rating that people will find in the industry, but it is still remarkably high and it will give people the strong results that they want under most circumstances. The Ijoy Capo Squonk Kit 100w has a great deal to offer just on the basis of the maximum power output.

Since it has USB port charging support available, people will also have a comparatively easy time with keeping the device fully charged and ready for anything that they need. It should also be easy to charge the Ijoy Capo Squonk Kit under many different circumstances, giving people the opportunity to really go to a lot of different vaping parties without having to worry about running out of power at the worst possible time. The USB port charging support will give people the opportunity to stay much more flexible, and it will also allow them to enjoy vaping on a much broader level.
Many vaping enthusiasts will love the design for the Ijoy Capo Squonk. It has a certain practical and sturdy quality to it. However, it’s still not the sort of boring and purely utilitarian design that people will see in other circumstances. Aesthetically speaking, the Ijoy Capo Squonk Kit certainly is very valuable.

People will have a decent choice of colors with the Ijoy Capo Squonk Kit. It’s available in green, black, rainbow, gunmetal, silver, and yellow. As such, people should have an easy time finding the exact color that they want for the most part. All of these different devices will have a strangely metallic look to them regardless of their actual composition, and this will give them an appealingly strong look that people will often like.

People will also love the large fire button of the Ijoy Capo Squonk Kit. This fire button can be personalized, which means that people will truly be able to make the device their own. Large fire buttons like these are also advantageous for most people to use, since they mean that people will be able to feel around for them much more easily.

The side airflow should work as a convenient feature that allows people to position the mod correctly. This is also not a feature that people will see with all other mods, making the Ijoy Capo Squonk Kit at least somewhat unique in that way.

The device was also designed to be really easy for most people to maintain, giving everyone involved the opportunity to use this device for years in a way that will not cause them a lot of additional stress. It’s easy for people to insert the battery thanks to the design and the top loaded battery cap. This means that the battery will be just as easy to replace.


It’s getting easier for a lot of people to make their devices their own when it comes to mods these days, and this is certainly the case with the Ijoy Capo Squonk Kit. There is a unique custom user mode that people can try. This will make it easier for them to get the results that they want when using this device.

The Ijoy Capo Squonk Kit is also firmware upgradeable, which means that it will be easier for people to maintain the mod itself. Firmware is going to change and the standards associated with it will change just as quickly, if not more so. This means that it will be easier for people to be able to keep their devices protected.


With the silicone squonk bottle, it’s possible for users to have 9 ml of e-liquid available at any given time. The bottle will also make it easier for people to get at the liquid in the first place. It was designed to be relatively easy for almost all people to squeeze. People will be able to get all of the e-liquid that they want at the right time, and they will not run out of it unexpectedly. Given the power associated with the device, it will certainly be able to handle all of that liquid as well.

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Powerful – VGOD Elite Mech Mod

VGOD Elite Mech Mod

The first thing so one can provoke you approximately the vgod elite is its look. This won’t be your design of desire but you will fall in love with it when you learn how it works. Overall, its functionality is just like that of the regular mods.

It features are as follows:
Deep Set VGOD Engraving
Copper Contact
510 Hybrid Connection
VGOD Elite Crest Design
Battery safety insert
Carbon Fiber Switch
Floating Adjustment for the battery


The VGOD Mech Mod is available in a tough shell package deal with the facet, front, and zipper head having a VGOD brand. The massive packaging also manner that you can use the box ton keep different add-ons and therefore take advantage of its first-class design. When you open the package, you may first see the brochure, then a sticker, followed by means of a spare spring, and sooner or later the brooch’s VGOD Logo. The VGOD Elite series Mech Mod lies at the bottom of the packaging, in a shielding sponge that safeguards it from mechanical shocks.

The VGOD Mech Mod has a streamlined layout with a length of 86mm, a diameter of 24.5mm on the threaded part of the 510, and a shaft most diameter of 29mm. Overall; it has the equal duration as the Pro Mech Mod. The vgod elite collection still makes use of the curved VGOD words along its shaft, even as preserving the negative insulation ring. Furthermore, it introduces the strain-remedy hollow to beautify its safety. The transfer is made from a carbon fiber fabric and its non-slip design makes operation and retaining this tool a simple mission.


You will locate that the carbon fiber button feels specific from what you have skilled with different mods. The texture and experience boom its comfort and it does now not sense like it is made from a carbon fiber. The spring base button layout used in this version makes you experience at instances which you are not urgent the base button strongly enough. However, you will get used to that sense with time; the good news is that the button is deep set, which means that you may not revel in any unintended firing.

This vgod mod is a beautiful masterpiece and one which suits your different accessories. The billet copper has a fab felling and you could like that reality that it seems like strong gold on first impression. Overall, its layout is one which speaks of volumes about the creator’s effective creativeness. It’s design and appearance is actually unique in terms of mods.


Most often, electronic devices are both missing in phrases of battery capacity or they’re absolutely a protection risk due to their risky layout. The VGOD Elite Mech Mod mitigates that flaw by means of which include a battery insulation insert for the battery. The insert guarantees that there’s no accidental shorting among the battery, and the metal housing. Furthermore, the floating battery adjustment way the battery offers a regular electricity supply with out going above or below the set specification.

Overall, the VGOD Elite Mod performs as anticipated and does now not disappoint in terms of its aesthetic look. It’s the kind of device that makes you appreciate an amazing layout that isn’t carried out at the expense of functionality.

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What’s the different between Vaporesso Revenger X and Vaporesso 220W Revenge

What's the different between Vaporesso Revenger X and Vaporesso 220W Revenge

Most often when we buy vape mods, we are looking at a brand instead of comparing models within the same brand. Therefore we have to admit that it quite challenging deciding which model to buy when presented with two similar products from the same brand. It’s with that in mind that we decided to compare the Vaporesso Revenger X, and the Vaporesso 220W Revenge, and come up with this review. If you have been wondering what is in store for you if you choose one of them over the other, you will find this review to be quite informative.

Review of Vaporesso Revenger X Mini Mod
The Vaporesso Revenger X mini is the newest version of the original mod that was mostly mechanical. It has several adjustable operating modes and its chip can output as much as 120 watts of power. It also includes a high capacity internal power cell of 3300 mAh to make it convenient for you to vape any time you want. You will also like it for the fact that is has a unique glass construction that adds to its unique feel and appearance. In this Vaporesso Revenger X mini review, we are going to look at some of the benefits you should expect from its features.


The Vaporesso Revenger X mini measures 31mm by 55mm by 86 mm, which is small enough for you to hold comfortably in your hand but big enough to fit all the features that you need to vape as you desire. That bigger height allows it accommodate the large battery and atomizer, which are both critical in the functionality of any mod.

The Vaporesso Revenger X mini comes with a 3300mAh built-in battery, which is among the best batteries that you can find in a mod. The huge capacity, at least when it comes to vaping means you don’t have to keep charging multiple times a day. That’s important because this is a built-in mod, which means you will not be able to change the battery with a spare one. However, that does create a limit in that if the battery was to fail, you will have to replace the entire unit. The good news is that they all come fully tested from the factory to ensure only the best batteries get into these mod units.


Wattage Range
This unit uses to output a minimum of 1 watt and a maximum of 120 watts. That’s enough to vape comfortably even for those who desire more power when vaping. As most vapers will tell you, you actually get the optimum vaping ex[pereince at between 80 watts to 120 watts. Although extending to 220 watts can still give you a vaping experience that is different, the mod’s efficiency and coil performance at such high wattages are barely enjoyable. You will find vaping with this mod to be more than satisfactory.

Vaporesso 220W Revenge mod is compartment with the iJoy Captain RDTA, and can fire it up the moment you switch it on because it recognizes it as much as its default RD. Even at low wattages, Vaporesso 220W Revengeis capable of filling your mouth with a smooth and uninterrupted power. You will not be able to experience any misfire or the annoying low-powered hits.
While vaping in a higher power, sometimes around 140 watts for long periods under the lower-resistance coil setting, things may get a little bit warm. However, there is nothing to worry about; Vaporesso 220W Revengewill hold its keep and the chassis will stay cool, no matter how long you pull.
I am also happy to report that it can work even at 220 Watts just as they say it should. While it’s overall performance is not as perfect as you would expect from a high-end mod, it’s something that you can write home about.


Love Mode
You will notice that when you vape with it in love mode, the pulsing becomes clearly noticeable. However, that serves it purpose, which is to allow you to vape at low-builds and for a long time. Furthermore, you get no negative reactions from doing that, which is a plus if you ask me.
Vaping at 100 Watts
This is the optimum vaping wattage for Vaporesso 220W Revenge mod. At this wattage, you get the best flavor and the mod gets to perform at its best without losing its cool to touch operating temperature. You will also find that the temperature controls of Vaporesso 220W Revengemod work perfectly and you can easily adjust the temperature and coils using the onboard menu. Furthermore, it’s a lot more to use the Gene software on your PC.

TC mode
You may be a little-disappointed with this mode although it’s still adequate and fully featured. However, you should not expect to get an out of this world performance from it, except of course for what the specs state. That may be disappointing for most users because this mod is equipped with one of the best chipsets.


This mod comes with a series of features that ensure you stay safe while vaping at any temperature. They include overtime protection, output over-current protection, overtime protection, output over-current protection, over temperature protection, overcharge protection, among other protection features that keep it within safe operating limits. Furthermore, its balanced charging allows you to use different brands of batteries.

Vaporesso 220W Revenge mod is among the best performance and in some ways rival the Voopo Drag 157 Watt box. It has a beautiful geometric shape, which gives it a classic look, while the powerful GENE Chip enables it to perform optimally throughout the different settings. It’s designed with simplicity in mind which is why the all-in-one press is among its best user-friendly features. It makes use of ripple cooling and a convex style, which increases heat dissipation and enhances its ability to stay cool throughout.
The Vaporesso Revenger X mini box mod features a high-performance chipset that gives you as much as 120 watts and is designed to make vaing safe and enjoyable. The built-in battery is a high capacity battery that ensures you don’t lack in power all day long while its unique body design ensures that you can hold it comfortably as long as you want. Overall, you will enjoy vaping with this mod as much as you will enjoy its stylish appearance.

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